"Io the Electric"

by Michael Boss
Alkyd on Panel
20" X 30"

Some time ago, I found a group of scientists who are shaking the foundations of astronomy and some accepted thoughts of human history. Their premise: we have to break away from the gravity-driven theory of the universe. Having more than a passing interest in astronomy, I happened to stumble on http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/ I read Stephen Smith's articles concerning the volcanoes on Jupiter's innermost moon Io. What an eye opener.

Earlier¨›thought was Io's volcanoes were of the ejecta type...possibly frozen sulphur dioxide or molton lava. With some truly scientific insight, Thomas Gold of Cornell University, theorized in 1979, the volcanoes on Io¨›were plasma in nature. Truly intrigued, I contacted Steve, and with his help I was able to create a conceptual painting of a plasma eruption on the surface of Io. He may have talked me into more.

Below is a link to Stephen's article on "Jupiter's Consort."