The Alvarado Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico "All Aboard!"

by Michael Boss
Casein on Rag Board
11" X 15"
From the Collection of Dennis Critchfield, Hill City, Kansas

Santa Fe's Baldwin built 0126, pulling a passenger consist, glides into the south end of the the Alvarado Hotel complex in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 1706, Albuquerque was a Spanish Colonial outpost. Through the decades, Albuquerque became a trading center and was even occupied for two months by the Confederacy during the Civil War.

By 1880 the Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad reached Albuquerque. In 1902 architect Charles Whittlesey designed the Alvarado Hotel complex. Sadly, the hotel was demolished in 1970.¨›Fortunately, 2002 saw construction of a similar replacement complex named the Alvarado Transportation Center.

1925, is the year of the painting. In1926, Albuquerque saw the introduction of another American icon: the legendary Route 66.