"The Admiral and His Baochuan"

by Michael Boss
Casein on Rag Board
24" X 18"

From the Collection of Larry Morris, Chicago, Illinois

Did a daring Chinese Admiral sailing the world's largest wooden armada beat Columbus to America by 71 years? Could 1421 be the year China discovered America? Contrary to popular historical accounts and teachings, there appears to be overwhelming evidence to the claim that the Chinese reached the great continents years before the Europeans first set foot there.

In this painting of Zheng He's Baochuan, I wanted to have a massive head-on look. Employing the light of the big oil lamps reflecting off the sails, the man-tiger, huge anchors and high bow, it came together.  A full moon behind the sail added a bit of nice composition as well.

More information about this very interesting theory can be found on the "1421 - The Year China Discovered the World" website. The link to the Gallery page on the site is http://www.gavinmenzies.net/china/gallery/mike-boss-artist-gallery/